Digital Assets and Its Value Proposition

DafriBank Digital - Banking with no Border!

No doubt that digital assets, crypto- blockchain are some of the biggest inventions of a century. A brand with a long term vision to stay afloat should either begin to draw a framework that will pave a way for future integration of such innovation or lose the race to competitors.

Last year we demonstrated our enthusiasm for DafriGroup's spread of fintech and digital asset by investing accumulative total of R205 million in DafriBank, DBA Currency, and DafriXchange respectively and this trend is expected to continue this year with increase in our digital asset holdings where an additional $25 million dollars purchase of various startup blockchain companies shares, token and digital asset was put into motion while downsizing our brick and mortar business interests.

Other global leading companies have also taken this route with electric car giant Tesla who invested $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin early this year having reportedly seen some massive gains from its Bitcoin (BTC) investment. An analyst at Wedbush Securities, a private investment firm in the United States, has calculated that Tesla has made “roughly $1 billion” in the aftermath of its $1.5 billion Bitcoin investment.

A recent surge in BNB - Binance price helped increase our portfolio value to R950 million with an all time high of R1.7 billion witnessed on 22 February 2021. Our long term projection on BNB remains at $1200 per unit.

As a public company, these actions increased your share value in DafriGroup without requiring you to so much as touch your wallet.

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A Next-Gen digital bank, DafriBank is transforming the old commercial banking systems with its revolutionary Digital Banking model. It opens new opportunities for the rising African digital entrepreneurs, an oft-ignored niche. The bank uses advanced technologies that will allow access to a wide range of financial services without entry barriers. It will house the best digital banking systems providing payment solutions to an array of businesses and platforms.

Not to be confused as a crypto company, but a bank that embraced a value proposition offered by crypto currencies; especially with it own digital crypto currency, "DBA Currency" and an integrated option that will enable its clients to seamlessly buy, store and exchange a selected number of cryptocurrencies right in their DafriBank app

DBA Currency ™

A Digital Asset product of DafriBank which is supported by all DafriGroup companies. What does this mean? Fiat currency is on the blink of losing its sovereignty, hence you see many central banks contemplating or have taken the decision to launch their own digital currency. With conscious knowledge of this impending reality, DafriBank did not want to be a follower but to lead the way. This is why we built our own digital currency backed by a real company with multiple subsidiaries. What I'm saying is, don't leave your money in fiat, exchange your fiat into digital assets. I'm not imploring you to buy or invest in DBA because I have an interest in it. But you can do your own research to decide if it worth it.

DafriXchange ™

To further walk the Crypto blockchain talk, we launched DafriXchange to become the group Crypto Exchange outlet that has begun to change the way cryptocurrencies are moved in Africa. DafriXchange is African cryptocurrency exchange helping to build a new financial system that recognises the oneness of humanity. It became the first Exchange in the world to implement a Payment Agent (PA) system in its platform, a groundbreaking feature that avails our services and products in 200 countries of which 53 of are african countries. DafriXchange adopted DBA as a native token across its ecosystem.

Xolane Ndhlovu
Chairman, DafriGroup PLC