DafriGroup PLC Appoints Chief Compliance Director

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We are pleased to introduce our new Compliance Director Inge Laubscher who will assume this role effective immediately. She will serve across all DafriGroup's subsidiaries.

This appointment underscores DafriGroup's commitment to corporate governance and compliance as the company prepares for the launch of its token sales on DafriExchange, one of the group's subsidiaries launched in the first quarter of 2020

Inge is a seasoned legal practitioner. Most recently she was the Chief legal researcher and legal consultant at Alpha PRACS, a research and corporate services consultancy. A graduate of the prestigious Nelson Mandela University with both BCom Law and LLB Law degrees along with extensive practical legal training, Inge is vastly experienced having serviced clients from over 27 countries in 2020 alone. She has also facilitated IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) training in Miami, USA, and the Cayman Islands. A lifelong learner, her scholarly contributions include publications in several internationally accredited journals. Recently, she also represented South Africa at The United Nations.

Inge will work with the DafriGroup management and staff to identify, measure, and manage regulatory risks ensuring the company complies with relevant laws, regulations, and corporate guidelines

This becomes all the more crucial as the regulatory environment in the cryptocurrency sphere becomes heightened.

DafriGroup Managing Director Catherine Anajemba said: In recent years more emphasis has been placed on regulation and compliance towards a safer and secure future crypto-currency ecosystem and as we draw near to DafriExchange soft launch - DafriGroup is committed to adhering to these rules. Inje brings a wealth of experience in Compliance and regulatory solutions and we are delighted to have her on board.

"I am pleased to join DafriGroup PLC at this critical juncture in the company's early history", said Inge Laubscher. "I see enormous potential for advancing the company's open, accountable culture centered on building and empowering teams of people while touching society in impactful ways.

Inge is based in South-Africa