DafriGroup Acquires OMAHA Hotels

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DafiGroup PLC is pleased to announce that it has reached a definitive agreement with the UMEH group and has acquired OMAHA Hotels, a leading chain of luxury hotels.

This acquisition will further strengthen the DafriGroup brand. DafriGroup aims to build on OMAHA hotels' proven track record of success by expanding its scope of services and implementing policies that will further foster the sustainability and growth of the luxury brand.

Since the acquisition, Omaha hotels have been renovated and is now open to the general public.

This acquisition is part of DafriGroup's ongoing plan to accelerate the growth of Africa's economy by investing in African businesses with high-impact potential.

The hotel will be the first crypto-friendly luxury hotel in Africa joining other subsidiaries of DafriGroup.

Reacting to the announcement, DafriGroup's Managing Director, Catherine Anajemba says: “OMAHA hotels is a remarkable brand in the top-tier of luxury and one we've admired for some time. The acquisition of OMAHA hotels further demonstrates DafriGroup's ambitious growth plans. We thank OMAHA hotels management for the seamless transition. I'm looking forward to working with the current employees of the hotel to achieve operational excellence towards creating a high performing hotel.”

About OMAHA Hotels

OMAHA hotels, now a subsidiary of DafriGroup PLC is a luxury chain of hotels that is centered on providing superior services in the hospitality industry with its state of the art facilities and palatial surroundings that takes guests on a journey of wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation, creating an unforgettable and immersive experience of comfort and luxury Tel: 047 531 6892