DafriBank’s Unique Debit Card: A Lifetime Access To A Better Lifestyle

DafriBank Digital - Banking with no Border!

DafriBank’s unique debit card will enrich your lifestyle by assisting you at every step of your payment journey. This ultra-modern card comes in multiple variants depending on the type of DafriBank account you operate, with each chock-full of unique features and advantages that are tailored to meet your every need. Its payment features are indeed exceptional. Now you can pay and withdraw from anywhere in the world. Ever concerned about the financial health of all our customers, the Debit card has features that ensure you never exceed your budget by notifying you after every card activity and keeps track of all your transactions. There’s more. The Debit card has many exciting benefits that complement your lifestyle too. So whether you are a shopaholic, a globetrotter, or a regular user, there are special features and privileges designed to open up a world of unforgettable experiences for you.

With our Debit card, your spending power gets a huge boost. Experience the thrill of contactless payment at its best. Shop online with no transaction charges. Know the true meaning of convenience as you go shopping at home or abroad without taking cash anywhere. The Debit card is acceptable worldwide as we are partnered with the major merchants around the globe. This is digital payment at its finest. It gets better. Enjoy VIP guest status at several luxury hotels around the world including Omaha Hotel, a luxury chain of hotels and one of DafriBank’s sister brands. What’s more, our Debit card also grants you exclusive access to extra cashback and discounts from select partners.

More importantly, implemented in the Debit card are multilayer security features that are flexible yet super secure insuring you against fraud and other malicious activities while keeping you in full control at every step. You can easily lock your card or toggle features of the card on or off including POS, ATM, or online transactions. Set your daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits without breaking a sweat. DafriBank also offers dedicated support to all Debit cardholders to ensure all issues are resolved effectively with little to no waiting times.

In a world where Cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies have come to stay, it’s a no-brainer that debit/credit cards must be crypto-compatible. Our Debit card allows you to store and spend over 10 major cryptocurrencies including DafriBank’s cryptocurrency called Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) tokens.

All of these delightful features are housed in the Debit card which comes in a royal black sleek and elegant design that is easy to hold with a surface that will never slip off your fingers. With the card, you have lifetime access to a better lifestyle in your palms.

This unique Debit card will soon be available on DafriBank.