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Sign up for your personal account with DafriBank in minutes, A bank renowned for its first-class functionality and low banking fees.

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Personal account


No monthly fees

The personal accounts you will hold with DafriBank will be completely cost-free. There will be no charge for EFT, domestic transfers, and ATM withdrawals.


Pay on the Go

Enjoy hassle-free payment with hundreds of merchants accepting payment via our online platform. Pay via our QR code integrated wallet.


Easy movement of funds for traders

We enable you to make various types of transactions from the online portal and mobile app without physically visiting the bank branch.


Use debit card, EFT, and Crypto

Load your flexible DafriBank App wallet with funds from either your debit card, EFT, or Crypto wallet.


Exchange currencies

Need to exchange currency for your international transaction? DafriBank allows the exchange of currencies in USD, GBP, EUR, NIG, ZAR, and many more.


Liquidate your deposits anywhere

Whether you want to Cash your deposits or deposit funds into your account, DafriBank will process it instantly.via our available and secure options. No delays.

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