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DBA is a native token by DafriBank Limited, the new pioneer digital bank outlet headquartered in Africa. The Digital Bank of Africa Project is an online bank project and the flagship product of the DafriGroup PLC ecosystem, which transactions will be carried out with the native token (DBA). The project will also expand to have a wallet, Crypto Exchange, and other use-cases. The DafriBank is set to offer Defi(Decentralized Finance) through Native Token (DBA), allowing holders the opportunity to earn higher returns on their assets.

DafriBank Limited has one of the most useful, advanced, and robust digital banking system designed to be a gateway to many platforms and businesses, empowering people from all walks of life to embrace the technological revolution of Blockchain and invest in cryptocurrencies. Contained within the DBA network are the DafriWallets and DafriExchange with its highly sophisticated trading engines and advanced dashboard as well as other important use-cases. By targeting the untapped, high potential demographics for their inclusion in the Cryptocurrency market, our goal is to become one of the most diverse banking solutions and digitized businesses for everyone. We aim to achieve this through DBA token powered DafriBank that will provide regular digital banking services that fully embraces a blockchain solution.

DafriBank - Digital Bank of Africa

Our Vision

Short Term Vision

To achieve 1 million DafriBank clients by 2022

Long Term Vision

To see DafriBank become a commercial bank in countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, and Ghana amongst other countries. This can easily be achieved using leverage from DafriBank's excellent digital banking services which when launched will become an industry juggernaut and preferred payment solution service provider in Africa. DBA token will also be able to attract users and enrich investors because of its many use-cases from flagship DafriBank and DafriExchange platforms to our other subsidiaries to help ease payment services through solutions tailored for the African community and designed to further aid the adoption of cryptocurrency on the continent

DafriBank - Digital Bank of Africa

Competitors & Possible Clients


Since DafriBank provides unique solutions to banking services, we do not see any direct competition. However many companies exist today with services related to DafriBank including the following:PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, MPesa, Perfect Money, etc.

DafriBank - Digital Bank of Africa

Possible Clients

Our wide-ranging services will attract diverse clients across a variety of niches and industries including Digital entrepreneurs, Brokerage firms, merchants, small business owners, Forex traders, Crypto investors, MLM leaders, booking agencies, or just everyday people that needs to execute various financial transactions.

Why Africa Needs Dafribank

Current payment solutions are not tailored to meet the needs of the average African digital entrepreneurs who have continued to service providers. This is just one of the reasons why Africa needs a Digital payment solution by Africans and for Africans. There are other reasons.

Traditional banks are still struggling to reach the unbanked across Africa. In 2014, a staggering 66% of Sub-Saharan Africans did not financial literacy, low-income levels, political instability, and weak judicial systems have created a constrained African banking system. And banks continue to rely on traditional banking models of branch networks, expensive technology, inadequate systems, and a limited talent pool. As per the latest reports issued by the World Bank (Global Findex Database) in August 2017, around 2 billion people were unbanked across the world.

DafriBank's unique solution of combining conventional banking in Africa with emerging Cryptocurrency/blockchain technology can bridge the gap and play a vital role in the financial inclusion of people who are still unbanked. Also, the global adoption rate of cryptocurrency is still below 3%. More education and adoption still needs to happen. DafriBank is committed to doing so by having structures in different countries to help embrace its unique digital banking solutions. The current population of Africa as a whole stands at 1.3 Billion (According to the United Nation's estimate) which has a growth rate of 2.5% yearly. This huge market serves as the target market for DafriBank

The traditionally unbanked of Africa are devoid of a strong financial footprint but the optimism shown towards cryptocurrency by these people promises a better future financially.

The cryptocurrency industry's stratospheric market capitalization in such a short time shows the overall growth potential that the cryptocurrency market has, but also the role emerging African markets would play in contributing to this growth.

DafriBank's journey will begin in South Africa and Nigeria and gradually spread to other parts of Africa and then globally. Achieving such levels of mass adoption, we aim to provide access to financial services to a large section of Africa's population thus promoting the overall economic growth of the continent which would thus lead to a better quality of life.

Token Information

A fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens will be issued based on the ERC-20 standard. The reasons for choosing ERC-20 tokens are thr present familiarity of the market with this standard plus the stability of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Token Name
Digital Bank of Africa
Ticker Symbol
Token Type
Maximum Supply
100 million DBA Tokens
Initial Price
$0.01 per DBA for month 1
Total tokens allocated for private sale
70 million DBA Tokens
Minimun Contribution Amount
$10 per month ($70 for the 7 months)
Maximum Contribution Amount

Currencies Accepted - ETH, BTC, Fiat