Asked Questions

DafriBank Digital is a branchless financial technology company providing customized financial services, payment gateway solutions and growth opportunities to digital entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes in 180+ countries.

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Anyone with access to the internet anywhere in the world and an email address can use DafriBank services. You have to be above 16 years of age.

No, DafriBank is designed to be an alternative to traditional banks.

Digital money is a digital representation of cash that DafriBank digital stores cautiously in a safe and secure credible bank account (a “trust” account).

DafriBank Digital offers a safe, fast, and low-cost way to pay, receive, transfer and store money. DafriBank Digital works in real-time and digitally, making it faster and cheaper than traditional money transfer services and safer since every transaction is protected and signed with a PIN.

You can easily add money to your DafriBank account through available deposit methods in your back office. Deposit methods include Visa/MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Ozow EFT, Bank Agents and Crypto Currencies.

DafriBank Digital customers can access a wide range of services, 24 hours, 365 days a year. This assistance saves time and money and is delivered in real-time. For example, DafriBank customers can undertake some or all of the following transactions, depending on the country in which they are registered:

  • Send Money to another account.
  • Pay Bills.
  • Fund their cryptocurrency exchange & forex accounts.
  • Pay for goods with merchants and other providers.
  • Receive money from abroad.
  • Receive or pay a salary safely.
  • Store funds in a reliable electronic account and receive interest.
  • To pay for goods and services in various online stores.
  • Store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet.
  • Buy crypto currencies, gold, USD, and EUR currencies online.
  • Borrow and lend funds on your terms.

DafriBank Digital is part of DafriGroup PLC a public company duly registered in South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana.


DafriBank Digital allows customers to open an account with a zero balance and there is no need to maintain a minimum balance in the account. But, as per the bank guidelines you are required to deposit a minimum of $10 or equivalent in other currencies within 10 days from the date the account is created.

All DafriBank Digital customers are required to undergo a whitelisting process that includes KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) and fulfill other criteria we deem necessary.

Our platform allows unverified clients to transact up to $250 after which they will be required to complete KYC verification for their account limit to be lifted.

No, DafriBank is not a cryptocurrency exchange, we are a financial technology company with a favourable policy on cryptocurrency. We provide a payment gateway API to cryptocurrency exchanges of all sizes which enables them to accept real-time fiat deposits and settlements.

If a customer misplaces his/her phone or loses access to an e-mail account, the funds in his/her DafriBank Digital account remain secure, and cannot be accessed without OTP. To start a re-activation process please contact us on

A Bank Agent is a person or a company duly approved by DafriBank to accept deposits and issue withdrawal settlements on behalf of DafriBank.

All DafriBank Digital agents underwent extensive KYC procedures and met certain criteria prior to being accepted as agents. After careful selection and due diligence agents are recruited by DafriBank Digital. Also, they are regularly monitored. However, the agents operate as independent agencies and DafriBank or any of its associated companies cannot be held reliable for any damage or loss of money, including but not limited to delay in processing payments by agents. You are advised to do due diligence, check other clients' reviews on an agent prior to filling your order.

DafriBank Digital agents do not hold customer funds, they pre-buy mobile money so that they can sell it to customers in exchange for cash (so the customer can “cash-in”); they also do the reverse, selling cash in exchange for mobile money (so the customer can “cash-out”). Simple put, bank agents operate as P2P service providers.

DafriBank Digital accepts multiple fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

A personal account is intended for individuals. A business account is intended for legal entities. DafriBank Digital business account comes with a merchant API application for businesses who want to accept direct payments on their websites.

First you will have to open a DafriBank Digital Business Account and contact us on for integration guidelines.

This may occur if our website server is under maintenance. Please try after some time. It is also possible that your IP address is blacklisted by the protection system. Try to change your outgoing IP address, or contact our customer support.

You may have entered a fallacious e-mail address during registration, or your spam filters blocked an automatically generated message sent by our system. Check your spam folder; the message will probably be delivered in a few hours. Otherwise please register again using another e-mail address.

You need to contact our customer service with a scanned copy of a document proving your identity. After comparing this information with the data you submitted at registration, a link to reset your password will be emailed to the email address provided during registration.

First of all, make sure that the address bar of your browser displays the proper URL if conceivable, try to use a virtual keyboard as it will protect you from potential identity theft by spyware. Please remember that to log into your account, you only need to use your username, password, captcha code. In some cases, we may ask you to confirm your identity by entering a code sent to your email. We never ask you for your email address and password. If you see any requests of such kind, it means you are on a phishing site – leave it! We strongly recommend that you enable additional security tools such Two-factor authentication ( 2FA). These tools will provide a high level of protection for your account against unauthorized access. Please make sure that your antivirus is up-to-date and your computer is virus/malware-free.

A list of recipients is a feature designed to conveniently store the account numbers of your recipients in an organized manner.

A single payment is an instant one-time payment. The value of the payment is set by you. A scheduled payment is a feature that allows users to schedule payments to specified accounts on preset dates and of the preset value.

To send money to someone`s mobile phone, you need to specify the amount, the account you want to send money from, and the mobile phone number of the receiver.

You can send money by e-mail to anyone, even if he/she does not have a DafriBank Digital account. All you need to do is to indicate the receiver's e-mail address, the exact amount, and the account you want to send money from. The recipient will receive an e-mail containing a special link to the DafriBank Digital website. Once registered at DafriBank Digital, your recipient will be able to get the transfer.

Money transfers via Bank Transfer usually take from 30 minutes to 48 hours to appear in a customer's wallet. The money is credited to your account immediately once we receive the transfer from your bank.

To find the list of countries, go to “Deposit by Bank Transfer” in the “Deposit” section.

We do not charge a fee for bank wire deposits; however, beneficiary banks and correspondent banks may charge a fee for their services.

The most common factor that delays manual bank deposits is Incorrect Reference. Clients are advised to use their 10 digit DafriBank account as reference when sending us money. To inquire about pending deposits e-mail with proof of payment and your Dafri Bank details.

No, you cannot. You need to transfer the exact amount you specified when your order was placed. Otherwise, there might be problems with the identification of your transaction.

DafriBank Digital allows 24Hours cash-out through bank transfer, EFT, Debit/Credit cards, Bank Agents, Stable coins, bank wire, etc.

Usually, a bank transfer cash out takes between 30 minutes to 48hours to reflect in a client's bank account, depending on the bank.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

The maximum daily withdrawal for fully verified customers is $15 000.

You can find the list of countries in the “Withdrawal” section by clicking “Withdrawal by Bank Transfer”

The bank charges for withdrawals are charged from the account balance. When you identify the amount you wish to withdraw, you need to make sure that your account balance can cover the bank charges you have to pay.

You can enable them in the "Settings" section of your account. Go to the "Notifications" section to configure a wide range of notifications and to indicate the e-mail where you would like to receive them.

Notifications can be sent by e-mail or by text to a mobile phone.


There are two ways to use DafriBank Digital on your mobile phone. The first one is to login directly through the browser on your device. The second way is to download the Dafribank Digital App.

It depends on your phone's operating system. For Android devices, you can download the DafriBank Digital App from the App section of the Play Store and for iOS you can download it through App Store.

Use the same login details and password as you normally do while using your PC. You will have no difficulties logging into your account.

You can deposit, withdraw and exchange.

Yes, the application is completely secure. When someone tries to log into the App, the system immediately notifies you by email or SMS, depending on your security settings. It is recommended to use all the security tools provided.

The ultra-modern card comes in multiple variants depending on the type of DafriBank account you operate, with each chock-full of unique features and advantages that are tailored to meet your every need.

Yes, you can pay and withdraw from anywhere in the world.

Your card is valid until the expiry mentioned on it and after that a new card is issued by the bank.

The Debit card has multilayer security features that are flexible yet super secure insuring you against fraud and other malicious activities while keeping you in full control at every step. You can easily lock your card or toggle features of the card on or off including POS, ATM, or online transactions.

The most alluring feature of the card is that there are no monthly fees charged, which encourages customers to go digital.

DafriBank Digital provides you reward points that are credited as per the usage of the card, which later on can be redeemed.

DBA eCash is an incentive program launched by DafriBank Digital on 15 February 2022.

Click on Affiliate on your online banking side menu to generate your link and hit the street. You get 30% cashback on any amount spent by your downline buying DBA