Personal and business
debit card

Manage your daily
expense with DafriCard

Pay for your goods and services online with DafriCard. DafriCard is available for both business and brokerage traders firms that need to make efficient fee transactions.

Pay with ease

Pay online for goods and services. The DafriCard is accepted across the world. You can even pay in various foreign currencies without converting your money. Qualified cardholders will also have access to our contactless payment service. Whatever you pay for using DafriCard will be itemized. Thus, you'll see the transactions categorised when you access the Mobile App, or Web Portal spend analysis.

DafriBank Digital - Banking with no Border!

Liquidate your money

DafriCard gives you the ability to access your money with ease. DafriCard is entirely free for every DafriBank account. The card comes with futuristic features such as contactless payments.


No monthly fees

The DafriCard will be completely free of cost. There will be no charge for domestic contactless payment, swipe payments, and ATM withdrawals.


Use your card abroad

You can use your DafriCard abroad the same as you use it at your home. However, transactions made abroad will attract minimal processing fees.


Pay on the go

Enjoy hassle-free payments with hundreds of merchants accepting payment via DafriCard.


Intra-Currency transactions

Need to exchange currency for your international transaction? DafriCard has got you covered. You can easily make payments in various foreign currencies without converting your balance first.


Controlled security

You have complete control over your DafriCard security. If you lose your card or get stolen, you can instantly block it using the DafriBank mobile App or the online portal.


Loyalty points

We offer personalized reward points based on your spending with DafriCards. The rewards available differ for personal and business accounts.

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