Dec 22, 2021 7 mins

Why DafriBank Interest Wallet A Bullish News For DBA

Opinion - We are launching our long-awaited DafriBank Interest Account with In-dashboard FIAT conversion to DBA and a 30% cash back Reward to Affiliate Partners. 

With this, we intend to kill two birds with one stone. We will partner with celebrities who will use promo codes to invite people to register with DafriBank and make deposits before proceeding to convert the money into DBA within their online banking dashboard.

Conversion of DafriBank FIAT Balance to DBA built -in interest wallet will enable the referrers to receive a 30% cashback of the total amount converted by the user. 

Benefit to the investors, DBA purchased via DafriBank In-dashboard conversion will enter into unlocked interest bearing Wallet. What I mean by unlocked is, investors are able to cash out any time from the interest wallet opposed to the 60, 90, 180, 365 days staking structure we are used to

We will also allow investors who purchased DBA elsewhere to deposit into Interest Wallet and earn interest on their DBA. Having your digital investment asset underneath your Bank Account. How nice? In future we may add other asset-class into our interest Wallet vault.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

•We will have thousands of users registering with DafriBank for the first time through celebrities or ordinary people pushing promo code reward campaigns.

•We will have the same people making investment in DBA, either by personal or investing to activate promo code reward.

•With this arrangement give DBA 6 months to be snatched off by hundreds of thousands of people.

Don't Mind STO FUD

Should STO investors decide to drop the price of DBA, the influx of new investors emerging through promo code campaigns will become the new pre-sale whales and we move.  

You shouldn't worry about that at all as long as we have this well prepared plan to bring new investors in, we are covered. The battle will be between 15000 STO investors vs probably 2 000 000 new members.

Diving in Further Into Why You Shouldn't Worry About The Price.

Obviously only a handful of Bitcoin early whales are still holding Bitcoin today. What about the rest? They sold to those who believe more in the concept, which are the crypto billionaires and millionaires today. Did Bitcoin die because of some early buyers who gave it up? Obviously no, it began to surge when strong hands entered the chart. Even today there are still those who will give up their Bitcoin at $48,000 and will be used as reference in 2026 when a Bitcoin enters the $489,000 region.

I see many people talk about March and what not. Under this new structure we are not shaken because this 30% reward won't stop even if you drop the price to $0.01, it will continue with you obviously losing your status as a DBA whale to some random guy who just entered the chart now and picked up 10 000 000 DBA with just $100 000 at $0.01 because some tired hand gave it away.

Oh you thought when you dropped it, it's all over? No no no, that's just a transition of portfolio from weak hand to strong hand. Surge begins when strong hands outweigh the weak hands.

The important thing is the team's ability to continue adding innovative products and structure that will keep notching new investors during the down time. And this is where our 30% cash back program comes in. Don't underestimate this program. You could earn more from this program before your main DBA portfolio becomes mature enough for lambo.  

Wait till we complete the infrastructure that will power this automatically and see if DBA doesn't blow up like the Pi network with 29 million users. 

The 30% Cashback is that you can walk away with $30 000 from a $100 000 purchase.

Now you know how well prepared we are. Get ready to be muscled off the ladder very very fast.  

Opinion by Catherine MaPhumzile  Africa's richest forex woman, founder of Women In Forex & B-Exchange.