Introducing ePay Instant EFT Powered by DafriBank Digital

Nov 18, 2021 3mins
Introducing ePay Instant EFT Powered by DafriBank Digital

What is ePay?

ePay is an instant EFT payment service by DafriBank Digital that empowers and enables businesses of all sizes to accept payment on a real time basis. 

Often you visit a website and notice a Visa, Master Card, or PayPal sign indicating that you can pay with your PayPal balance or pay using your card? The ePay protocol is tantamount to the above listed products. However, low fee and instant withdrawal for merchants are some of the things that set ePay apart from the rivalries.

As a merchant, medium sized to large corporations, professional service providers integrating ePay into your platform will allow you to accept payment from over 180 countries.

As a DafriBank client you can shop at any website with an ePay sign. 

As a brokerage firm, crypto exchanges, eSport, and casinos, no matter where you are, use ePay to accept instant deposit & perform disbursement of withdrawal without leaving your platform.

Thinking of taking your business global? Apply for our Free Merchant API today or talk to our business desk on to learn more on how to take your business global with our merchant API