Jan 17, 2022 10 Mins

What is DBA£Cash?

DBA£Cash is an incentive program designed by DafriBank Digital LTD which aims to reward customers up to 30% cashback when their client buys DBA.

How does it work?

In broad strokes, when someone opens a DafriBank account with your link and buys $100 worth of DBA you get $30 cash back. Which means a $10,000 worth of DBA purchase will give you an instant $3,000 cashback

What is the registration fee?

The program is totally free to join, opening a DafriBank Account is also free.

How is incentive paid? In DBA or Fiat?

Depending on your DafriBank account currency, the cashback will be credited to your DafriBank account in the same base currency as your DafriBank account. 

Can I withdraw this cashback money?

Absolutely, you can withdraw this money to your local bank account, convert to a crypto currency, buy airtime, shop online, fund your forex or crypto exchange wallet or simply send to other DafriBank users. You can also convert your incentive to DBA and earn up 80% interest 

How does a user buy DBA on DafriBank?

It's easy, simply fund your DafriBank account through a variety of methods available on the add fund page. Once the money is in, click on Swap to DBA to convert your fiat to DBA and you are done.

What is the benefit of investing in DBA?

Good question, Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) is a product by DafriBank, a digital bank licensed and regulated by the central bank of Comoros. DafriBank is one of the fastest growing Fintech brands in Africa and has been tagged by analysts as the next African unicorn with 510 merchants signing up for its ePay API within 3 months of operation. Investment in DBA technically makes you a shareholder in an aspiring unicorn company. The price of 1 DBA is $0.30 at the time of writing, assuming you picked up 100 000 DBA today with $30 000, and the price surge to $10 in the near future the portfolio will automatically be worth $1 000 000.00. 

Tell me more?

DBA is also a native token for DafriXchange Pro, AfriGo Mall, DafriSocial and DafriBorrow. For a comparison sake, BNB was $16 two years ago and currently trading at $510 at the time of writing. With DBA you will soon be able to bank and trade for free within the DafriBank and DafriXchange ecosystems. 

So I have three ways of earning with my DBA?

Absolutely, you earn from appreciation of DBA value which is inevitable, given the low circulating supply which is expected to be 10 million and max supply of 86 million which is subject to 2% tax and burn per transaction. As the network grows it will automatically result in scarcity of DBA which will influence abnormal price surge. You also earn 30% daily income from DBACash whenever you invite someone who buys DBA. You could also earn up to 80% interest per annum when you move your DBA into DafriBank Interest Wallet. 

How do I get started?

Open an account on DafriBank in 3 minutes HERE, add funds,  wait for the official launch of DBA£Cash this week, swap the funds to DBA, copy your affiliate link, and invite anyone who cares to listen.

I saw that the DBA price once touched $39. Why is it cheap now?

Yes, correct, that was during partial listing on DEX where 3700 DBA was deployed for price feed testnet. So the $39 was based on a mere 3700 DBA in the DEX pool. When the full listing on 6 exchanges happened after IEO with more tokens released to circulation, the price stabilised to reflect the correct price of DBA. 

It made sense:)

Think about some direct selling platforms such as Crowd 1 with 40 Million members. A mere 5% of this as DBA holders will usher DBA into top 20 crypto by market capitalization. I had my stint in Crowd 1 back in 2019, you don't get 30% cashback on your direct referral. You need 6 paid members under your direct network to successfully recover your initial payment.

Packages start at R1800 - R45,000 in EUROS. 

What are you buying? Absolutely Nothing, a fee you pay to enter the system which is nonrefundable should you fail to find people to register under you to get back your money. 

What are you buying in DBA? A digital asset listed on multiple financial trading Platforms where you can liquidate your asset anytime to get back your money. A digital asset owned by a licensed bank. An asset expected to grow in value. A digital currency you can use to purchase items, pay for holiday destinations, pay someone, buy airtime, lock and earn interest, even bank for free by just having a piece of DBA. 

Would you rather spend $120 you cannot get back if you fail to recruit to enter Crowd 1, or put it in DBA which you can get back with a single referral bonus of 30% and able to resell anytime to get your money back?

Say no more, I'm in.

Smart move, don't forget to join the community of smart people like you on Telegram 


Opinion expressed in this article is that of the Author and doesn't necessarily represent that of DafriBank Digital LTD view. Digital assets are subject to a number of risks, including price volatility. Transacting in digital assets could result in significant losses and may not be suitable for some consumers.