Oct 08, 2021 3 mins

JOHANNESBURG -   Following months of deliberation and consultation we are pleased to announce that the 32 000 000 unsold DBA token during ICO will not be released into circulation as scheduled.  

The board duly approved to abort the initial plan to combine the 32 000 000 unsold DBA together with the 10 000 000 reserved for listing which was to give us a total circulating supply of 42 000 000 DBA.

What Does This Mean For DBA Holders?

This development brings about more scarcity for DBA as 42 000 000 DBA or 42% of the total supply will now be held by DafriBank and will probably not see the light of a sell chart for at least 5 years.  

We plan to use 10% of the unsold token for staking reward. This however, is far better than deploying the 32 000 000 in public circulation. Investors will earn rewards for locking their DBA which is still a win-win for us. For instance, you stake 1 000 000 DBA to earn 10 000 DBA, which suggests that more DBA was reserved to receive the spendable 10 000 reward. 

We aim to make DBA Africa's most treasured digital currency, the one you would accept over BTC or ETH due to its potential to continue notching gains as development and deployment of various backing applications continues.

The Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) is set to be listed on DafriXchange Pro on the 15 of October at a starting price of 1.00 USD per token. Deposit opens on 15 of October while trading starts on the 18 of October. Join the waiting List 

Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) is currently trading at 1.00 USD per coin on DafriXchange Pro. It has a total supply of 100 000 000 DBA and a circulating supply of 10 000 000 DBA and total lock of 90 000 000 DBA. 

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $100 000 000.00