Sep 07, 2021 3 mins

DafriBank Digital LTD is a fully-fledged bank and the flagship brand of the DafriGroup PLC, is the largest digital entrepreneurs focused bank in Africa. 

The digital only bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Comoros Island and a member of MISA International Banking regulatory Authority. It has become a beacon of hope and a home to Africa’s growing digital entrepreneurial class — a niche that has been largely ignored by the traditional banks.


You will be a DafriBank agent in your respective country and be responsible for handling FIAT deposits and withdrawals settlements on our behalf. You will be entitled to a fee between 1-5% per transaction.

Deposit Example

Amile, a resident of the Philippines, has 5000 Peso which she wants to deposit in her DafriBank Account. Amile contacts you and sends the money to your local bank account, eWallet, or another mainstream local payment method. Amile then provides you with her DafriBank account or the email associated with her account. Alternatively, Amile can request a deposit from you directly on the deposit page, which will appear pending in your agent portal.

Agent Action 

Login to your DafriBank online banking profile. Navigate to the bank agent corner and view the deposit request submitted by Amile. Now, click on ‘Pay Amile’ to credit Amile’s account. Prior to paying Amile, deduct your commission, e.g., 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% from Amile’s payment.

Withdrawal Example

Amile’s business venture has been profitable, and now she has around $320 in her DafriBank account. She wants to cash out $200 to her Philippines bank account or local eWallet. Amile logs in to her DafriBank account and clicks on ‘Withdraw Through a Bank Agent’, picking you from the list of agents available to her in the list. Afterward, you receive an email notification about the withdrawal request.

Agent Action 

Login to your DafriBank online banking profile and navigate to the Bank Agent page for your withdrawal requests. Here, you can Accept or Decline Amile’s payment. Accepting the payment will automatically credit your agent balance with $200. The next step is to note Amile’s payment details and pay her the $200 equivalent in Peso after deducting your commission.

The introduction of Bank agents in the Philippines and Indonesia will enable locals to use DafriBank hassle-free, avoiding having to convert their currency into crypto before transferring.

People Eligible To Apply

Passionate and honest people with the ability to market and drive sales. We will offer you the $250 minimum balance required for a BA application, which you can then use to kick start your BA deposit settlement. However, you will have to provide proof that you have at least $250 in your local bank account that you can use to settle withdrawal transactions.

How To Apply 

Open a free DafriBank Account and email us a cover letter about yourself and how you are intent to run your agent business. Email: Learn More about DafriGroup Payment Agent.