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About us

Over 200,000 customers around the world use DafriBank for three reasons:

Smart, Digital, Borderless.

At DafriBank Digital, we aim to solve the biggest problem of digital entrepreneurs and micro enterprises which is: providing a simplified and effective payment solution that helps businesses scale.

The traditional banks are finding it difficult to cope with the demands of digitally-focused modern businesses, which has limited their growth. We solve this problem by providing exceptional digital banking services that are fast, secure, and cost-effective.

Our leading-edge in IT has helped us integrate modern payment technology into the banking system targeted explicitly at helping digital entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

We are excited to simplify payment services through our cutting-edge technological innovations and forward-thinking team members.

We have a firm belief and commitment to provide an empowering, enabling and accessible digital society, which leaves no one behind. Our goal is to democratize financial services, bring people out of the spiral of the traditional banking system and encourage people and businesses to join and prosper in the global economic scenario. In this ever changing world, we are working to imbibe the culture of connectivity, digital skills and relative products which can help to close the digital divide.

We feel obligated to commit a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects our ideals, the customers and societies we serve. Also we have a fundamental belief that there is a power in the connectivity and digital services to strengthen the capacity of economies.

We also believe in responsible growth, helping create jobs, develop communities, foster economic mobility and address society’s biggest challenges around the world. We know our clients expect exceptional experiences however they choose to interact with us, and we invest in our people to help us best deliver for those we serve.

What We Do?

DafriBank Digital renders payment services to entrepreneurs, merchants, and the general public on an automated platform that helps them overcome payment limitations.

We with the help of our technological and innovation prowess and strategic partnerships are constantly and relentlessly trying to create superior ways to govern, regulate and drive money, and to offer a variety of options to choose from and adjustability with flexibility when sending payments, paying or receiving payments.

With our services we provide the customers with a trust of continuity of business and resilience in the security framework. As every business strives for efficient operations, our services offer a system of doing things faster, bigger and better to our clients in a smoother, cost effective and resource maximizing manner.

With the onset of 4th industrial revolution we feel that banking too needs an overhaul therefore besides providing the existing services in an exceptional manner, we are providing avenues for the integration of newer technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain & Digital Currency, so that not only are we up-to-date but also are well prepared for the ever changing future needs and requirements. Because our aim is not only to fulfill the expectations but even try to surpass them.

Where we operate

DafriBank is a branchless financial technology company providing customized financial services to clients in 180+ countries. DafriBank Digital is part of DafriGroup PLC family, a public company duly registered in South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana.

Our Fulfillment

We truly believe that “It’s better to light up a candle than to curse darkness” and we enforce this belief by provide banking solutions which are truly: “Smart, Digital, and Borderless”


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